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Career Options for 2D Animators

2D animators and multimedia artists work in the entertainment, advertising, training, and education professions, creating a wide range of graphics used to illustrate processes, sell products, or entertain a visual audience. They can be called on to create dazzling Flash animations for websites, 2D cartoons for film and television, or special effects used in creating motion pictures.

You may be hired to work for a training company, creating storyboards, then animated films showing new employees how to more effectively perform their roles, or how to operate new software or machinery safely. Or you might design educational videos used in college or university classrooms and laboratories. Many animators find themselves working for the government or branches of the military, creating visual displays used in communicating with the media or with trainees.

Medical illustrator-animators often help explain surgical techniques or body processes to medical students. Other animators work for software companies or equipment manufacturers, creating user films and videos that help customers understand the latest software or electronics gear.

Animators can work on 2D graphics built into the operating engines of video and console games, or on interactive online media that help customers buy online, evaluate product specs or highlights, and communicate with each other via animated characters (avatars). 2D animators often do prep work for their 3D counterparts in the gaming and entertainment industries, creating "animatics", still images that are linked to create sequences prior to full animation treatment.

Once created with pen and ink, storyboards and animatics are more often done today using sophisticated software that is typically taught in college animation and design programs.

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