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General 3D

CG Society: One of the top 3D artist hubs on the Internet. Has a huge forums area, top industry articles and more.

3D Total: Just a huge 3D resource site.

High End 3D: Yet another big 3d resource site with tutorials, downloads and more.

3D Links: Providing a truckload of 3d links covering a variety of topics.

3D Resources: Providing a nice selection of 3D resources.

Lugher3D: Offering free objects,
tutorials and other Maya resources.



3D Software

Autodesk: The makers of Maya, 3DS Max, and more.

Maxon: The makers of Cinema 4D

Newtek: The makers of Lightwave



See 3D Tutorials Section


Texture Sites

Lugher Texture: A Free highres texture library.

Career Related

Learn how to become a 3D animator

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